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Hi there, my Name is Erica and if you're reading this you've stumbled upon my blog. Forever Hungry is where I will be documenting my (very tough) journey of healthy eating. "Why is this tough?" you ask. Well first of all, I don't know how to cook. And second of all, for the entire length of my existence I have been content with making a meal out of a Monster Energy drink and box of Tim Bits. I have recently come to the conclusion that unless I want to have a heart attack before the age of thirty, I should probably start eating better. A high school teacher once told me "there is no time like the present." So here I am, attempting to have the eating habits of a healthy grown up instead of a sugar crazed six year old jacked up on pixie sticks. ps- Who or what is kale?!

ethics: strategy guide

This article describes how businesses should consider consumer’s privacy issues. It provides information on how businesses should guide their marketing strategies based on the concerns of the consumer.

Rating: 7


ethics: social media privacy

This infographic shows how consumers feel about privacy on social media and their trust.
It also goes into detail about wether this situation is getting better or worse.

Rating: 9